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Se mi lasci nella discoteca

The Library of Congress is set to honor the disco era with a series of events from April 12 to May 6 with the highlight being a performance from Gloria Gaynor, popular worldwide due to her disco anthem “I Will Survive. ”  The celebration honors the impact of disco on American culture but fair to say its impact was felt in Italy as well where disco took over mainstream pop in the mid-70s.

Marcella Bella was credited with the first Italian disco hit with “Nessuno Mai” and later she even recorded a disco version of “Resta Cu’mme”.  Lucio Battisti incorporated the disco sound in his latest releases and Italian disco music from Raffaella Carrà and Umberto Tozzi even became world-wide hits.  A favorite of that era and one that still enjoys great popularity today in Italy, with two recent films inspired by its lyrics,  is “Se mi lasci non vale” from Latin crooner Julio Iglesias.   The hit, written by singer-songwriter Luciano Rossi and actually released and recorded first by Rossi, was also done in Spanish by Iglesias and later released in English by Canadian Patrick Norman (“Let’s Try Once Again”).

Julio Iglesias – Se mi lasci non vale (1976)

Patrick Norman Let's Try Once Again 1978

New feature: Video Playlists

We compiled playlists of the biggest Italian hits of each decade from the YouTube vaults, as well as one containing the most current hits, and posted it in the Video Playlists menu above.  We’ll try to keep “Today’s” playlist updated monthly and mix up the others occasionally.

Gianni Morandi: singer, actor, runner, Pokémon Go trainer…

71-year old Gianni Morandi is still performing (wrapped about a sold-out tour with Baglioni this year),  is about to star in a new TV series (“Per amore di mia figlia”), continues to run in marathons, and has now added Pokémon GO trainer to his resume.  Over the weekend, the unstoppable Morandi announced the news of his capture of the elusive Pokémon monster Dragonite to his Facebook fans.

Gianni Morandi – Uno su mille


Alessandra Amoroso breaks Guinness World record for most duets in 2 minutes

Guinness World Records confirmed this week that Alessandra Amoroso’s performance on the May 12th episode of “E poi c’è Cattelan” broke a record for most duets sung consecutively in 2 minutes (19).

Read the full story from Guinness here:

E POI C'È CATTELAN #EPCC –‬‬ "Extreme Duets Record Edition" con Alessandra Amoroso

Eurovision on US TV – Francesca Michielin among favorites

The favorites @ at this year’s Eurovision competition are Russia and France but Italy may have a chance to sneak in towards the top with Francesca Michielin’s Festival di Sanremo entry “No Degree of Separation.”

The finals will be broadcast live in the US for the first time on Logo TV, beginning at 3pm on March 14th.

Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation (Italy) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Welcome to our new look!

It’s been almost 20 years since Italian Sinfonia debuted online in June 1996 (anyone remember Geocities?) – and it’s probably been about that long since we’ve updated our design. We’ve moved the site to a WordPress format and hope to take advantage of its many features, as well as focusing on keeping our most popular sections current.

Please email any comments or suggestions. A presto!

Italian sinfonia (2011 – Remaster)